Friday, April 13, 2007

A Black Friday for Head Monster

On Friday the 13th, laid-off workers and community leaders declared a “Black Friday for the Head Monster”. They denounced Monster Cable CEO’s latest moves to further prolong this “nightmare” conflict with workers. Joining them were San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, local musician Jack Chernos, Pilar Schiavo from the San Francisco Central Labor Council, Chinatown Community Development Center, and UFCW Rise Up!, and. Workers also premiered the “Boycott Monster Cable!” video which will be released to the general public over the weekend (check this blog again on Monday!)

This week, Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee canceled a meeting with worker representatives and State Senator Leland Yee which had been scheduled for Tues, April 10, at 8:30 pm. Workers and community leaders alike blasted the CEO for this “ultimate act of disrespect to the workers who gave their lives to your company,” (Pilar Schiavo, SFCLC).

“This is the second time he agreed to meet with workers and then backed out (last time was with Supervisor McGoldrick). He has proven that he is not trustworthy—not to workers, not to the community, and not even with elected officials. It is wrong for him to say we are hurting current workers, when he has long planned to outsource jobs to Mexico anyways. If the CEO wants to improve his reputation—he must meet with workers and resolve our demands.”
Huilian Li, Monster Cable
worker, 8 years.

“What we are asking for is fairness! It would take so little for the CEO to resolve our demands, some $500,000. We don’t understand why he won’t sit down at the table and meet with us.”
Lai Ping, Monster Cable worker, 19 years

“Spring is a time of rebirth and for a fresh start. It’s time to reconnect with your workers and hear them out. There is no need to be afraid. We welcome you back to meet with the employees who worked so hard for you.”
Supervisor Jake McGoldrick

“The workers only know victory. We will continue to fight for justice. We call on the CEO to honor his agreement to meet with us and advise him not to throw away his reputation in the Chinese community! Unfortunately the CEO forces us to escalate our actions. We will be contacting his clients, his family and his friends and plan a major boycott action on Sat. May 5th.”

Li Shen, Monster Cable worker, 9 years

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